For developement, I am using a conda environment, follow the installation guide in the official site, it doesn’t matter what flavor it is really.

Initial Setup

First create the conda environment for working on this plugin with

make conda-install-frozen

Enter the conda environment with

source ./


You will need to execute this command every time you want to work on this plugin with conda!

Then install both the server extension and lab extension locally with

make dev-install

Live Recompiling Lab Extension

To recompile the lab extension under watch mode,

make dev-watch

Running Jupyterlab

With JupyterLab 3 and onwards if you are watching the extension source then you can start JupyterLab normally and on refresh your changes will be available.

jupyter lab

Start Hacking

Assuming you have both the live recompile lab extension and a jupyter lab running as noted above, you can now start hacking!